• In 1993, Mr. Simon H.E. Tsai, the Chairman and founder of the Kensteel Group of Company, started Kensteel Industries Pte Ltd to manufacture and provide cable tray and ladder for the Global Marine and Offshore Industries

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    Kensteel Group
  • Our Mission is to
    establish Kensteel Group
    as a premier brand in the following business market - Onshore & Offshore industries, Petrolchemical industries, Rig Development industries, both internationally and regionally.
  • We envision ourselves
    to be the Leader in the industry, providing the Best Engineering Solutions. We commit ourselves to only providing top quality and performance products to meet customers’ requirements and satisfaction.
  • Kensteel Cable Tray System
  • Kensteel Cable Ladder System

Architecture Outfitting Materials

  • Offshore Living Quarter - 1 Man Bedroom

    Here at Kensteel, we pride ourselves for each room we engineer and we aim to create a comfortable home for the crew members living offshore. This is reflected in the newly built living quarters we design. Our cabins are fabricated at our partner's factory, and can then be transported to sites worldwide.
  • Offshore Living Quarter - 4 Men Cabin

    Our living quarters have 1, 2 or 4 men rooms, fully furnished with beds, work desks, wardrobes and a built-in toilet.
  • Offshore Living Quarter - Corridor

    We strongly believe in only using top quality products designed to perform and to last. We are capable of engineering a full turnkey design and have built architecture works for offshore living. Currently, we have built up to a 500 man living quarter, together with our partner - STACO.
  • Offshore Living Quarter - Dining Area

    Like any home, we believe our living quarters will only be complete with a proper Kitchen and Dining Area. As such, we use furniture that is durable and functional, to recreate sentiments of home for the crew members offshore.
  • Offshore Living Quarter - Galley

    Our living quarters come ready with a state of the art Galley for preparation of feasts for crew members onboard. We use one of the top brands in the industry of kitchenware that delivers performance to customers.
  • Offshore Living Quarter - Laundry Area

    We aim to make the crew members feel like that are living on an offshore hotel when they reside in our living quarters. As such, we strive to create an all encompassing liveable environment and that includes a fully serviceable laundry area as well.