• In 1993, Mr. Simon H.E. Tsai, the Chairman and founder of the Kensteel Group of Company, started Kensteel Industries Pte Ltd to manufacture and provide cable tray and ladder for the Global Marine and Offshore Industries

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    Kensteel Group
  • Our Mission is to
    establish Kensteel Group
    as a premier brand in the following business market - Onshore & Offshore industries, Petrolchemical industries, Rig Development industries, both internationally and regionally.
  • We envision ourselves
    to be the Leader in the industry, providing the Best Engineering Solutions. We commit ourselves to only providing top quality and performance products to meet customers’ requirements and satisfaction.
  • Kensteel Cable Tray System
  • Kensteel Cable Ladder System

Kensteel Group

Over the years, Mr. Tsai together with his team has developed Kensteel Group from a small niche company specializing in Cable Tray and Cable Ladder production to a fast growing group of companies. We seek to serve the various sectors in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Marine & Offshore, and Rig Development industries. We aim to provide the best quality and performance products for our customers.

In addition to giving our client quality service and products with confidence, Mr. Tsai, the Founder of Kensteel has always believe in the key attributes of Integrity, Trust and Honesty in all of Kensteel’s Group of Companies. Without these attributes Mr.Tsai believes that long term success and relationships cannot be achieved. In establishing the Kensteel’s culture, we uphold these key attributes as our yard stick without compromise in our search for success and excellence.

As such, integrity, honesty and trust will form the basic foundation stone for all of Kensteel’s companies.


The core business focus of Kensteel Industries Pte Ltd has been in the manufacturing of Cable Tray & Ladder, Cable Trunking and Channel Strut. In recent years, it has ventured into the designing and packaging of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) and Air-con ducting services.

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The core focus of Kensteel Engineering Pte Ltd is the turnkey of Engineering, Procurement, Construct-
ion, Installation and Project Management (EPCIM) contracts of Modularized structures for Oil and Gas Onshore Plants, Offshore Platforms and FPSO Conversion Projects.

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Kensteel Oil & Gas Pte Ltd is an entity dealing in Upstream Oil and Gas ventures for our Group

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First Marine and Offshore Pte. Ltd. specialises in steel fabrication for the Oil and Gas Industry.

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