• In 1993, Mr. Simon H.E. Tsai, the Chairman and founder of the Kensteel Group of Company, started Kensteel Industries Pte Ltd to manufacture and provide cable tray and ladder for the Global Marine and Offshore Industries

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  • Our Mission is to
    establish Kensteel Group
    as a premier brand in the following business market - Onshore & Offshore industries, Petrolchemical industries, Rig Development industries, both internationally and regionally.
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    to be the Leader in the industry, providing the Best Engineering Solutions. We commit ourselves to only providing top quality and performance products to meet customers’ requirements and satisfaction.
  • Kensteel Cable Tray System
  • Kensteel Cable Ladder System

Our Team


Over the years, Mr. Simon Tsai, together with a team of dedicated senior management staff, developed Kensteel Group and watched the company blossom into an integrated network of internationally recognised companies. Our company adopts an all encompassing work attitude and the entire team works hand in hand to help the company progress forward.

Our team compromises of highly skilled workers in their respective fields, such as schedulers, electricians, mechanics, and welders. They have all gone through a strict interview and various tests to ensure that they have the right capabilities for the job. In Kensteel, we stress the importance of teamwork, especially in the fabrication and installation of equipment processes, as stringent specifications have to be met.

Our Yard and Safety managers set in place strict regulations that all workers present are required to follow to ensure that every employee’s health and safety is not compromised on site. In addition, they work hand in hand to manage our experienced workers who work round the clock to make certain that the deadlines on our projects are all met promptly. Our company believes in only delivering top quality products and this is reflected in the work performance of everybody on-board.

Our team of Design engineers and Draftsmen use state-of-the-art computer aided design software and facilities to effectively produce engineering design calculations, drawings and schedules. Our team works in accordance with International Codes and Standards in the Oil & Gas Industry.