Our Capabilities

Jack-up Rig Hull and Special Steel Structures

The venture into the marine and offshore industry deals with the construction of the marine vessels and subsequently these vessels are then integrated with special structural steel modules. This module was a customized design, designed to perform on specific engineering grounds which includes; mooring buoy, skid beams, anchorage, pipe racks, hose reel and etc. Kensteel’s qualified experts are trained to ensure that their designs satisfy the design criteria, and are predicated on safety, serviceability and performance.

When our company first engaged in this business, the market competition was very stiff. Nonetheless through intensive research and initiative of our management staff, we managed to acquire project contracts. Most of the projects awarded to us often had a strict and short deadline, however through the aid of Kensteel’s experienced engineers and field supervisors the project deadlines were all met and subsequently delivered successfully. With positive feedback from customers, Kensteel received letters of appreciation and recognition for the outstanding performance, which accounts for the accredited reputation that the company currently shared.

  • Anchor Box

  • Torpedo Buoy and Clump Weight

  • FPSO Hose Reel

  • Ventilation House